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While most intermodal truck loads originating from the rail are dry goods in a standard 53’ container, there will also be loads available to carriers that are stored in tanks as well as shipments of hazardous materials. Shipping these commodities on the rail for the bulk of the trip is efficient and also helps shorten the distance and time that some hazardous materials are on the road.

Tankers provide a way to move liquids, gases, and powders from one place to another. Drivers will either haul a traditional intermodal container filled with totes of liquid or an ISO tank container with a rectangular frame around it to keep the tank in place. For HAZMAT loads, the material will either be in a ISO tank container or a traditional intermodal container with a placard identifying what type of hazardous material is on board.

In order to run a Tanker or HAZMAT intermodal load, a driver will need to have a Tanker or HAZMAT endorsement on their commercial driver’s license (CDL). This is a special qualification to ensure that the driver knows what to do when hauling these materials. Drivers do not need a Tanker or HAZMAT endorsement to haul regular intermodal loads, but having these qualifications would widen the pool of what freight is available for them to haul. With more freight available also brings the potential to earn more money on the road.

What is required to get a HAZMAT endorsement?

To get a HAZMAT endorsement, drivers will need to complete an application and provide fingerprints, which will then trigger a background check. Specific to each state, there is also an exam to test the driver’s knowledge on hauling hazardous materials. After all of this is completed, the DMV in a driver’s specific state will notify if the driver is now qualified to haul hazardous materials. The HAZMAT endorsement will be noted with the letter “H” on a CDL.

What is required to get a Tanker endorsement?

There are no security measures that need to be taken for a driver to get a Tanker endorsement. All a driver will need to do is complete a knowledge exam to get certified in hauling tanker loads. The Tanker endorsement will be noted with the letter “N” on a CDL.

For loads that require a tanker container and also contain hazardous materials, a driver will need a HAZMAT and Tanker endorsement. Most hazardous materials will be stored in a tanker so a situation like this may arise more often than not. Having a Tanker endorsement and a HAZMAT endorsement will be noted with the letter “X” on the CDL.

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