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This past week Artie, Dave and I went down to Dallas for the Great American Trucking Show, the second largest trucking show in the country. The goal going in was to increase awareness for the DrayNow brand across the industry, both for drivers and others exhibiting. As drivers and other show attendees began to visit the booth and learn more, the DrayNow green tote bags given out began to envelop the entire convention.

We met hundreds of drivers across three days, including many that were genuinely interested in the DrayNow platform. Due to low freight volume around the industry, drivers wanted to learn more about hauling containers and trying intermodal as a new opportunity to expand their operations.

What makes the DrayNow message so easy to resonate with drivers are the low barriers to entry. The sign-up process has a quick turnaround, and the tech is clear-cut in its processes. To haul with us drivers need power-only units so there’s no need to provide a container. There are many different types of drivers out there, but what unites them is being owner operators who could benefit from our marketplace in picking up local loads.

Evan Noll – Director of Marketing

 With GATS being in Dallas, it was a good opportunity to get more drivers in this market on board. The event is so large that we even got to speak with drivers from our other markets who traveled to the show just like us. Even for visitors who weren’t owner operators, it was great to get our message across and increase that brand awareness.

 GATS was the start of a busy exhibiting season for us and set a great precedent, so I’m looking forward to all that we can accomplish around the country closing out 2019!

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