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At DrayNow we are still figuring out the tenets of our company culture. We are growing and evolving quickly! One thing we decided this holiday season is that it is important to us to start learning more about the needs in our community, and how we can give back.

We recently partnered with a local non-profit organization, Cradles to Crayons, to assist in their mission to provide quality clothing and toys for children in the Greater Philadelphia area.

The DrayNow team began the day by creating “Back to School” cards which will be included in backpacks sent to children for this up-coming school year.  As part of their mission, Cradles to Crayons ensures that every child has an equal advantage to succeed regardless of their situation. With these backpacks, each child will have a full set of supplies to begin the year and an inspirational message to keep them motivated.

We were then given a short overview of Cradles to Crayons and assigned our duty for the day; sorting children’s clothing.   What seemed like a small task, was actually one of the most important.  We were the first to filter through the raw donations that were brought to the warehouse.  The importance of this task became evident during the orientation when we were directed to sign that hung from the ceiling above us that read “Quality = Dignity”.

After every sock, shoe and sweater had been accounted for, we cleaned up the warehouse floor and headed for the exit.  Our team took a moment to look back at the towering shelves of unsorted donations and realized we had only put a small dent in a huge problem. Philadelphia has become of the nation’s top cities for impoverished and low-income families and its organizations like Cradles to Crayons that help combat this issue, mostly with the hands of volunteers.

At DrayNow, we understand that time spent helping our community partners is just as important as the work we do in the office and we treated this opportunity as such.

Not only was this opportunity a great way to give back, but we also built a lasting relationship with a valuable member of our non-profit community.  This experience has brought the DrayNow team closer than ever and we are looking forward to our next volunteer opportunity.

As someone who has previously worked in corporate responsibility, I’m so excited to see the DrayNow team start to figure out how we can help our community.

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