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In the midst of last week’s pandemic announcement on COVID-19, worldwide concern has been hyper focused on the impact of those affected, inclusive of communal transmission and containment through quarantines and distancing. Our everyday lives are being altered at a rapid pace, where no can predict what the situation will look like from one day to the next.

And with short term uncertainty surrounding the nation’s economy, as well as restrictions on global imports and exports, worldwide supply chains are slowing. As we look to the second half of this year, inventories are expected to replenish causing strain on distribution channels.  Cumulatively, for the remainder of this year, we will see unprecedented uncertainty within our supply chain.

One thing is certain: At DrayNow, the safety of our employees, customers, and carriers is our highest priority. Our day-to-day procedures may change, but as a technology company, we can confidently and securely run the DrayNow business and your freight. As long as freight is rolling, we are prepared to provide quality service & solutions in a careful manner.

Our carrier base of single truck independent owners’ operators is a reliable force that can provide capacity in any freight market. We are committed to work with them as well and stay flexible with their operations as today’s events continue to unfold.

Pricing in a time like this barely has a precedent to look towards, but it’s important to follow what the market is predicting at any given time. At DrayNow, our capabilities allow up to the minute pricing feedback so that you can be sure whatever freight you’re putting on the platform is priced right.

Global events impact the freight & trucking industries constantly, and while this is a very rare situation that affects quality of life, there will be light at the end of the tunnel. In a time of uncertainty, it’s good to focus on what you can be certain about, including the fact that day-to-day industry operations remain intact, and everyone is in the same boat of uncertainty about everything else.

At DrayNow, preparedness is how we built the Company and our customer experience will remain unchanged.

Mike Albert

Founder & CEO

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