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Industrywide, the standard is that if a motor carrier has to wait to get their container unloaded during a delivery, or loaded during a pickup, they are paid for any time spent waiting after a certain amount of time. Since waiting longer than expected can either make the carrier late for another appointment, or prevent them from picking up more freight, it’s only fair that they’re properly compensated for the time spent.

With the DrayNow app, a carrier can get detention at the rate of $50 per hour after two hours for a live load, and after one hour for a drop and hook. They just have to be on time for their detention to factor into their final trip payout. That’s why carriers need to arrive at the rails with enough time to pick up the container and make it on time for the appointment. With no on-time arrival, there’s no detention.

On the DrayNow app, adding detention is very easy and is inputted right into the app by the carrier. While progressing through every step of the trip, the app will ask if the carrier would like to add any accessorials, which can also include anything from a chassis split to a stop off. It’s available at each step, so remember to add the detention before the trip is over!

In just a few easy steps, carriers can add detention charges to their trips right through the app.

And nothing is as essential as updating the app at each step and recording in-and-out times for each location. Without both of these actions taken, no one will be able to confirm that the carrier was actually on time. Furthermore, if a carrier does not update the app properly and it shows that they are late, detention will not stick. Updating the app right when the carrier arrives at the shipper or consignee is additional proof of their accurate in and out times and ensures a detention payout in no time!

At the end of the day, no one wants to get stuck at a warehouse for hours on end waiting for their container to get properly serviced, but it’s an inevitable part of the trucking experience. As long as carriers are showing up on time, updating their app accordingly and recording in and out times, the detention will be a nice addition to the overall trip payout.

For a visual accompaniment to this information, feel free to watch the video below about ensuring detention payment for DrayNow loads.

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