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Here at DrayNow, our goal is to move intermodal freight as efficiently and effortlessly as possible and to connect carriers with local freight in their areas. As a technology company rooted in intermodal operations, we’re trying to make sure that you’re having the best user experience on the app, successfully haul freight, and stay local. In fact, one of the reasons for starting the company was to give motor carriers more access to intermodal freight so that they’d be able to get home to their families every night.

And simply put, without the work of our carriers, the freight that ends up on our app would never get moved. With over 350,000 owner operators in the country, they’re a necessary capacity source that keeps the country moving through certain and uncertain times. We just wanted to take a moment to show our gratitude for our carriers who are on the road every day helping us move freight as seamlessly as possible.

Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, New Jersey or Northern California, we appreciate the fact that you’re using us as another source to run your owner operator business. “Carriers have so much to do on a daily basis, so I’m always appreciative that they’re open and receptive to hearing about new freight moves or updates to their loads,” observes Josh Elsen, Customer Execution Specialist. And whether you’re a single owner operator, dispatcher, or company driver, all of your work does not go unnoticed.

Day in and day out, our team is working with you on the front lines from your first time signing up to your next freight move to make sure everything runs smoothly. “Being able to form relationships with carriers and hearing how easy it is to use the DrayNow app to find quality freight is what gets me out of bed every morning,” Artie Maull, our Recruitment & Engagement Specialist, enthusiastically states. Seeing people go from a new contact to a standout carrier in their market makes it all worth it.

Not only are you providing important capacity in your market, but we’re also learning from you every day. “What I like most about working with carriers is gaining knowledge in situations that really only a driver can provide. The drivers we work with are really open and we benefit from that as a company,” explains Liz Leonard, our Operations Quality Leader.

Even though we’re not seeing each other, our communications with you makes an impact on our daily operations. As Rob Testino, a Carrier Execution Specialist, puts it, “Throughout my time working at DrayNow, I’ve had the pleasure to talk with some great carriers who brighten my day every time they call.” Your calls, texts and emails make our jobs a whole lot easier.

We already said it, but it’s always worth noting: without carriers, there wouldn’t be a business. Thank you for all of your work in getting DrayNow freight moving and keeping supply chains running smoothly one load at a time!

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