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Being an owner operator can be an incredibly successful business opportunity. Most O/Os are seasoned veterans of the trucking world, and have seen the potential reward of going out on their own. To be able to operate on your own, however, it’s important to look for different service providers that can provide the right tools needed to run a thriving business so that you can focus on the main operations.

Tax Services

As a trucking business grows, so does the amount of paperwork needed to be organized and kept on file. The most important thing you need to keep track of is who to pay and when to pay them. With services like ATBS, they are the bookkeeper that lets you focus on the big picture in your business while they take care of all of your administrative and financial needs. Not only will they take care of your taxes, but they may even save you money along the way with their expertise in the field.

Real-time Traffic Updates

Conditions on the road are always hit or miss. Between the elements and other drivers, you never know what to expect. At the same time, it’s crucial to make those appointment times. Traffic apps allow you to find real-time updates on traffic conditions so that you can adjust your schedule accordingly to stay on time. Waze is the standard-bearer of these platforms, so be sure to have it on hand while in progress.

Fuel Surcharge Calculator

It’s important to keep up with the day-to-day changes in fuel cost. Having knowledge of the overall operating cost and cost per mile gives you great insight into what loads you can and cannot take. With a fuel surcharge calculator, you are able to determine the impact of higher fuel costs and how they affect the cost associated with operating your trucks. Check out this calculator that lets you plug in a baseline fuel cost, the average mpg your truck gets, and the updated fuel cost that has most likely gone up.

Mobile Truck Repair

Drivers put in a ton of miles everyday, which increases the risk of a breakdown or tire repair that requires immediate attention. These situations need to be handled quickly, so there’s no time to wonder who to contact to get your truck fixed and how long it may take for them to get there. Larger fleet companies most likely have their own in-house repair team, which is why it’s important for owner operators to look for their own service provider. Different mobile truck repair services such as FleetNet and Truckers Assist operate all around the country, are easily accessible, and provide real-time updates to let the driver know the status of when repairs will take place and the status of those repairs.

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