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First Come First Serve (FCFS) warehouses, or warehouses that have open scheduling to allow for appointment windows, provide flexibility for when your freight can be picked up or delivered. On DrayNow’s intermodal platform, carriers value this flexibility as they choose their execution schedule. In fact, loads with appointment windows result in significant performance quality relative to loads with hard appointments. More importantly, they provide significant savings. Using DrayNow, you can access these benefits for your spot and contracted freight through a network of local carriers who are ready to provide their services.

On loads at FCFS warehouses in Q1 2021, on time percentage is 17% higher relative to loads with hard appointments. When your freight has an appointment window, you are more likely to avoid work-ins and the associated headaches communicating ETAs for them. Meanwhile, you gain service quality by nearly guaranteeing your freight will arrive on time. Likewise, you earn time back that would otherwise be spent calling a list of carriers to obtain coverage. On DrayNow, there is a difference of 12% on cancellations due to capacity on loads with appointment windows relative to loads with hard appointments. You can be more confident that your loads with appointment windows will secure coverage on DrayNow. However, how does this performance translate to savings?

Carriers on the DrayNow app will execute local freight with appointment windows at a rate per mile 52% less than freight with hard appointments. Why are carriers willing to take such a significant rate reduction? The average time drivers spend at the warehouse may provide some insight: drivers spend on average 1 hour 54 minutes fewer at FCFS warehouses versus warehouses where a hard appointment is scheduled. This time efficiency allows carriers to execute multiple loads per day while avoiding accessorials like detention. In fact, our customers spend 53% less per load on accessorials on orders with appointment windows.  

When securing your next contracted lane, present this information to the Beneficial Cargo Owner to show the value of covering FCFS drayage freight with DrayNow’s intermodal marketplace. DrayNow is here to help—reach out to to secure more data and partner with us in increasing your FCFS freight volume on DrayNow.

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