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Solving Real Problems in Drayage

Four years ago, when my partners and I envisioned DrayNow, we imagined a platform that would completely change how Intermodal Drayage freight moved. As industry veterans, we saw capacity challenges, lack of technology, and insular thinking kept Intermodal Drayage in the dark ages.

We also saw how other freight technology was ignoring this sector, but also failing to unite all members of any trucking transaction. There were typically two models in trucking innovation- the high-profile startups focused on connecting capacity with shipper’s freight, and the brokers and 3PLs investing heavily in their proprietary platforms.

The Two Models

Convoy, Uber Freight, with huge amounts of VC investment, have been developing their proprietary app and platforms for the trucking and shipper space using traditional over-the-road capacity. Their focus is on buying market share from shippers, with little attention to profit. Other trucking startups, such as NEXT Trucking, have focused on local port work, and attempting to match traditional drayage capacity with shippers, with little benefit and innovation other than cost.

On the other side, large brokers and 3PLs are attempting to rapidly innovate. However, the legacy of their products, organizational structures and TM platforms hold them back and ultimately it becomes difficult  to deploy advancements beyond their internal user workflows. It’s for this reason companies like Project 44, and Logistical Labs are trying to gather data across platforms hoping to give shippers visibility, including the Drayage segment of their supply chain.

DrayNow Does Both

At our core, at DrayNow we envision a platform that connects all stakeholders, allowing Shippers, 3PL’s, Brokers and Truckers, to connect and seamlessly optimize freight. All of this is accomplished by granting access to new capacity, while delivering incredible transparency and data to the domestic Intermodal supply chain.

Our DNA is operations based. At our core we’ve always believed that transparency, capacity, and optimized networks in conjunction with technology will innovate Intermodal Drayage. Trucking and drayage movement is not a problem that you can throw money at and expect to go away.

The DrayNow Commitment

As founders we’ve focused on a diverse mix of trucking and startup veterans and work to solve for these industry challenges pragmatically. At DrayNow we are committed to injecting thoughtful technology into Intermodal freight and improving the experience from all sides- those shipping freight (shippers, brokers, 3pls, etc) and carriers. As the only player bringing a pragmatic technology platform to this space, DrayNow is molding the future of Intermodal domestic freight.

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Mike Albert

Founder & CEO

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