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Are you interested in moving intermodal freight and expanding your owner operator business? Download the free DrayNow app from the App Store or Google Play store, or click the button below.

For trucking carriers looking for intermodal loads in multiple local markets, DrayNow has the technology for you!

We are excited to share our new Multi-Market Select feature, which allows users to see multiple markets on their marketplace, giving carriers easier access to more intermodal freight than ever before. And for carriers that are doing both intermodal and over-the-road trucking, the Multi-Market select feature is helpful in seeing local intermodal loads from market to market that they could pick up in between long hauls.

Here’s what the new tool looks like:

Markets are now sorted through three different categories: Closest, Recent and All Markets. As seen, users are now able to check a box next to each market where they would like to see intermodal loads. Click Apply to see the multiple markets on the main screen. It’s that simple!

Once the user clicks Apply, the names of the markets selected are available at the top of the screen, as are the loads available to those markets. Per usual, each trip displays the origin location, shipper/consignee location and termination location to show the area of that particular load.

This new feature is great for users looking to see multiple intermodal markets that are close to one another and even carriers that may be looking to expand their operations.

For anyone unfamiliar with the DrayNow app, it is a free intermodal marketplace where carriers can pick up intermodal loads on their own terms. All loads have upfront, all-in pricing with detailed trip instructions to make running intermodal freight transparent and easy to understand for carriers of all backgrounds.

If you are interested in signing up for the DrayNow intermodal load board, download the app at one of the links below!

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