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Within the intermodal space, street turns are an efficient way to utilize the same equipment for multiple trips. Instead of ingating a container back at the rail, a carrier that is street turning would use that same container on another trip that day, saving time and mileage.

We have already discussed street turns at length on our blog, so we thought that it would be beneficial now to give concrete examples of street turns. These intermodal street turns are facilitated through the DrayNow street turn algorithm, which analyzes all marketplace trips to find street turn opportunities.

Here are two case studies with real examples of street turns in action on the DrayNow marketplace.


Scenario 1:

In the Los Angeles market, Customer A posted a delivery order (Trip A) to the DrayNow marketplace, headed to Moreno Valley, CA. Customer B posted a pickup order (Trip B) without a container for the same day going to Chino, CA. Trip B needed a container before the day of its appointment time.

Through our street turn algorithm, we were able to identify that the intermodal container being used for Trip A would be available for Trip B. By matching the container from Trip A with Trip B, the carrier was able to complete two trips with the same container, reducing overall mileage by 64 miles.


Scenario 2:

In the Atlanta market, Customer C posted a pickup order (Trip C) in need of equipment headed to Newnan, GA. Customer D then posted a delivery order (Trip D) for that same day that of course included a loaded container.

Once again, the DrayNow street turn algorithm allowed us to identify that the loaded container from Trip D would be suitable to use for Trip C. When utilizing the drayage container for both trips, we were able to source equipment and the carrier was able to complete the two trips and save 44 miles in the process.


Scenario 3:

Over in Chicago, Customer 1 posted a pickup order (Trip 1) in Markham, IL that needed an empty container to get loaded. Customer 2 had a delivery order (Trip 2) in the area on the same day. Through our container matching technology, the team was able to see this opportunity and get the carrier on Trip 2 to use that container for Trip 1 as well. The carrier gets more business for the day and Customer 1 gets equipment that’s already on the street.


In all of these cases, not only was the pickup trip in each situation connected with a drayage container, but there was also the benefit of built-in capacity from the carrier that was using the container for the delivery. Through technology, DrayNow is able to source containers and carriers in real-time from marketplace activity.

With a fast-growing carrier base and street turn technology, DrayNow is set to connect your intermodal freight with capacity and equipment quicker than ever. To get started with us, fill out the form below and we will reach out to you.

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