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As a recent college graduate with a major in Operations and Supply Chain Management, I was always taught to get things done as efficiently as possible. When I came to DrayNow, it was refreshing to see the team following these same principles, therefore allowing me to really put what I learned into practice.

Service is something that the DrayNow operations team strives to master every day. We work to provide effective and productive solutions for each and every customer & carrier during a trip. While many of our tasks are customer and carrier facing with a key point of transparent communication, a lot of the solutions provided by the DrayNow operations team are also done behind the scenes. This includes DrayNow’s advanced tracking and tracing capabilities that provide the customer and the operations team with real-time visibility. How visible is this for the customer? They’re seeing the exact same updates that we’re seeing. The marketplace is a tool for customers to see their freight in action, and for our team to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

This breakthrough in technology provides us the opportunity to execute all intermodal freight posted on the DrayNow platform. The most important innovation the DrayNow technology team has implemented recently are the enhanced capabilities associated with geolocation tracking. What does this look like for the customer? This geolocation tracking provides extremely accurate ETAs and real-time updates that gives them the data they need to report back to the shipper. On the operations side, this feature lets us identify the easiest, most efficient way to get your orders moving. Whether it’s engaging the carriers in the marketplace to secure capacity or checking the updates on each step of the trip, the operations team has the precise data to track every container and complete every load. These are a few of the many examples showing what the DrayNow team is working on behind the scenes to make sure your freight is serviced as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Utilizing DrayNow’s technology, the operations team can provide the efficient solutions for every load that would normally take too much time and energy to solve. This connection of technology and operations helps DrayNow provide the best service possible for both the carriers and our customers.

Rob Testino

Carrier Execution Specialist

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