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In any business, the typical logic is that to maintain a successful operation you’re going to need to hire a ton of people. For IMCs, this would be the most logical way of thinking, since more volume coming into the mix means more people need to come in and handle it. Or is it?

What if there’s technology out there that can handle more volume while keeping your core operation intact? Simply put, using a product like DrayNow to execute freight does not require as much manpower as traditional methods. It completely eliminates the need to call up carriers for capacity, search far and wide for trip status updates, and then hunting down documents later on when the trip is over.

Freight that goes onto the DrayNow platform can be completely touchless, meaning that all a customer does is inputs the trip information and reservation number, and their hands are completely off of the load until it’s finished. Our team uses the exact same platform that customers use and can see every freight move, so they can jump in whenever an issue arises. Between the technology and the team behind the scenes, freight is able to move with as little customer action as possible.

Not only does DrayNow take away those time-intensive tasks, it provides better solutions for each part of the freight move.

Less manpower for each load using DrayNow means that an IMC can expand their business without having to overwhelm current employees or add on new people to take care of this increase in volume. If freight moves can be completely touchless, it’s safe to say that greater volume doesn’t always have to translate into a greater headcount.

Not only does DrayNow take away those time-intensive tasks, it provides better solutions for each part of the freight move. The platform isn’t simply automating the tasks involved in each part of the freight trip, it’s making it more efficient. Loads get put on a marketplace for carriers to pick up, many sources of location services & integrations allow customers to see a trip moving in real time, and documents are uploaded and available all in one place.

There’s a negative connotation around automation, that it’s technology solely meant to take that job away from a person. But the DrayNow platform isn’t automation, it’s a solution for companies to manage larger volumes of freight without having to overinflate their operation. It’s not here to replace people with a machine, it’s here to transform the traditional IMC setup while providing efficiency on every move.

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