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It’s recommended to clean the interior of your vehicle around two times a month, but with highly contagious illnesses like the flu and Coronavirus going around right now, it’s better to be safe and ramp up that routine! Just think of how much time you spend in the cab of your truck. Don’t you want to make sure that your day isn’t surrounded by germs?

Clean Every Surface

Imagine how many things you are touching inside of your truck. Even if you wash your hands regularly, you’re bound to bring a lot of the outside world, inside. It’s a safe bet to go ahead and clean every surface within the cab. For a more in-depth cleaning, do a practice run of everything you would touch while driving, and really focus in on those spots.

What’s the easiest, quickest way to clean entire surfaces? Disinfectant wipes! They kill germs, viruses, and bacteria, with many brands of disinfectant wipes being recommended by the EPA to fight the spread of illnesses.

Invest in Seat Covers

Another thing to keep in mind are the germs that can get stuck on clothing. You sit down one time in the truck, and that unwelcome guest makes a home on your seat. A solution to the problem: seat covers. Not only do they protect the seat’s material from wear and tear, but when it comes to cleaning, seat covers are a lot easier to wipe down. Keeping the quality of your seat intact AND clean? That sounds like a winner.

Hand Sanitizer

Probably the most popular household item in the country right now, hand sanitizers provide a quick to way to get rid of germs. It can be tough to regularly wash your hands if you’re on the road with limited access to the right facilities. While soap is more effective in getting rid of the bad stuff, hand sanitizer is a worthy alternative that you can keep in your truck. Don’t forget to sanitize every time you get in the truck, so that you can eliminate the chance of spreading germs onto the cab’s surfaces. And, as always, if you do have access to soap, do not substitute it for hand sanitizer.

There may be a spotlight on cleaning right now with the news of the day, but these tips can be incorporated into your daily driving routine to keep you healthy and hauling!

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