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Todd D. is a truck driver that has been using DrayNow since April and is already standing out as a top carrier in the Los Angeles market.

What does he think of his trucking experience? “I wish I would’ve known about it earlier,” Todd tells us. That’s right! Before he became a trucker eight years ago, Todd was actually a finish carpenter and then made the pivot to trucking as a driver for another carrier company.

About three years ago, he then decided to go out on his own, and credits DrayNow for making the process easier. What he likes most about the app is being able to book his own loads at any time. Now what about when he’s driving? That’s where Desiree, his wife, comes in. She’s his dispatcher and keeps an eye out on the app for loads that’ll fit with his schedule.

One great thing about using the DrayNow app to find local freight is that if you have a dispatcher, you can sign them up as well. They will then have access to the desktop platform and be able to assign drivers to loads based on their schedule. And if you would like to act as a dispatcher for other drivers under your authority, the same goes.

Between over-the-road trucking, port work and loads coming from the rail, there are a lot of trucking options in the Los Angeles area. So why does Todd choose intermodal? “A lot of the loads [in his past work] didn’t pay for the amount of miles that you had to do, but these short, local loads do pay.” It also helps that LA has a huge concentration of rail yards in such a dense area, so there’s always going to be freight coming in and going out.

Does Todd have any sage advice for new owner operators entering the market? “Don’t give up,” he says. Simple, but incredibly powerful at the same time. You’re always going to encounter some obstacles down the road (or even on the road), and trucking is no exception. In a time like this, it can get incredibly unpredictable as to what’s in the market and what your day to day may look like. But one thing is certain: as long as people continue to need goods, trucking isn’t going anywhere.

Thank you, Todd, for sharing your experience with us!

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