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As a platform that connects trucks with freight, DrayNow holds carriers and our customers to a high standard.  This ensures an easy and fair transaction for all involved, and keeps freight rolling effortlessly and efficiently!

In our effort to make freight as transparent as possible, below are the expectations for any carrier and driver hauling freight on the DrayNow platform.

DrayNow App Usage

All drivers hauling with DrayNow need to be logged in the DrayNow app and using the app at all times while they are hauling, with location services turned on. Correct app usage ensures efficient documentation, accurate ETAs and overall higher quality service.


All drivers are required to be on time for appointments, whether it’s a pickup, delivery or other appointment type.

Fall-offs are not allowed with less than 24 hours prior to the time the driver would need to be at the rail. This does not apply to loads that are rescheduled or changed.

A driver is also not allowed to fall-off due to over-booking themselves on freight.

This also applies to equipment. All DrayNow carriers need to carefully inspect equipment before hauling, in order to avoid rejection.

A driver needs to ingate a container on the same day as a load, or as required per load.


Clear and on time documents, such as BOLs, submitted by the driver ensures prompt payment for carriers. It is required that all documents must be submitted before closing a load.

Driver Assignment

The driver hauling a load must be assigned to freight 24 hours prior to an appointment time. That driver has to have a verified DrayNow account.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about these expectations, please feel free to reach out to any member of the DrayNow operations team at

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