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Whether you’re a brand-new owner operator, or you’ve been in the business for years, the DrayNow app is a great resource to find intermodal freight in the area. All an owner operator needs is their own interstate authority, insurance, & tractor unit and they’re good to go.

If you’re reading this as a brand-new owner operator who’s looking to get new business and really make your mark, you’ve come to right place. We could go on and on about what we think makes a great owner operator, but what better resource is there than an owner operator that actually uses the DrayNow app?

We spoke with Daryl H., a carrier in Atlanta, about his experience with us, and what advice he has for new carriers who may be entering the business, or are switching over to intermodal for the first time.

First things first, Daryl has been in trucking for the past 7 years, and an owner operator for the last two of those years. Throughout this time, he’s done everything from over-the-road, to rails, and even port work. However, he told us that he prefers freight coming from the rails the best. “I like being able to turn the load and then get right back home.”

After working for other owner operators, Daryl and his brother decided that it was time to create their own company. “It’s a lot of responsibility,” Daryl says, “but you can create your own destiny when you’re doing your own thing.” Two years into their business, and they have three trucks operating across the Atlanta region.

It's a lot of responsibility, but you can create your own destiny when you're doing your own thing.

What tips or tricks does Daryl have for newer truckers? “The earlier you get to the rail yard, the better it is.” The rails are open 24/7, so if the run has a window that allows you to pick up the container in the early morning hours, he highly recommends going then and getting it out of the way. What if you have a delivery appointment with a wide-open appointment window? “If you can get there within the first two hours, do that.” It’ll make the unloading process a lot easier.

What about on the business side? Stay organized. “If you’re organized, you can do more.” This revolves around everything from keeping track of your trucks, creating a schedule for the appointment times, and utilizing services like DrayNow to find freight and keep track of your trips within the user-friendly app.

All in all: Being an owner operator does require staying organized and taking on more responsibility, and that will reflect onto the work that you put in. As Daryl says, you can create your own destiny when going out on your own, and the service provided every single day in your business will really speak for itself.

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