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Fax machines? Computer scanners? Manual data entry?

As a software engineer with several years of experience , I have worked in many different fields: journalism, music, education, and more. However, they all shared certain features: the automation of simple tasks and effortless digital communication.  As a result, working in a tech-starved  industry like intermodal drayage has given me certain challenges that, as an engineer, I have not had to deal with in a long time. But as our CEO, Mike Albert, likes to say: “‘Challenge’ is just another word for ‘opportunity!’”

And to be sure, intermodal’s failure to keep pace with recent technological trends means that there’s a huge opportunity for the right company, with the right vision and the right roadmap.

Such large business evolutions are typically difficult: they involve overhauling an entire system, or completely rethinking the way a process gets done. But progress can be seen in small moments, such business gains are as easy as logging onto the DrayNow website, or downloading the DrayNow mobile app, or giving customers real-time insights into the progress of their loads.

In the time I’ve been here, the DrayNow engineering team has given intermodal stakeholders some truly amazing tools, such as the machine learning TRUprice tool, highly enhanced tracking with geo-location and Railinc. All of these new tools make a customer’s management of a load from start to finish as easy as possible…and there’s much, much more to come.

Our current roadmap uses those innovative tools as a foundation to build on while we continue to meet the needs of our customers and partners, whatever they might be. As we work to make our platform even more scalable and more dynamic, and integrate more closely with current and future customers, the coming year is sure to be an electrifying one here at DrayNow.

And that’s why the engineering team at DrayNow is so excited about the work we’re lucky enough to do every day. It’s time to stop viewing fax machines and scanners as the required level of technological innovation that we’re forced to work with — or, more likely, work around. Instead, we should see them as reminders for just how much room for improvement there is, and we’re happy that to get the chance to make that happen. So whether you’re a driver or carrier looking for more work, or a customer with unreliable loads and unmovable freight, just know that the engineers at DrayNow are working on solving the very same problems that you are.

Martin Connor

Software Engineer

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