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A letter to our Carrier Network

Fuel can be a burdensome cost that can seem overwhelming. Here at DrayNow, we share your concerns about the rapid increase in the cost of diesel fuel at the pump we are all seeing.

I write this letter to ease your concerns; fuel is something you will not have to worry about with DrayNow. One of the incredible values of our DrayNow Marketplace is that rates vary week-over-week due to market demands and fluctuations.

Additionally, if you’re a carrier with an awarded “bid” lane with fixed rates, we are excited to inform you that moving forward all loads will automatically readjust each week based on the average regional/DOE prices.

The freight we haul, Intermodal, is very short haul and low fuel consumption, and very resilient to high fuel cost. Could you imagine running exclusively OTR or regional with these fuel costs?

Being a professionally truck driver is tough enough, fuel shouldn’t make it tougher!

Stay safe,
Mike Albert – DrayNow CEO

Mike Albert

DrayNow CEO

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