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Due to the time of year, and the global events unfolding every day, it’s no secret that there’s probably a shortage of freight on your plate. The first quarter of the year is generally considered the quiet season for freight, and disrupted supply chains in this year particularly are really showing a slow down industrywide.

Is there any upside to this? Well, there is an opportunity. For the freight that you do have, platforms like DrayNow have thousands of carriers waiting to pick up freight. In a slower time volume-wise, drayage carriers are ready and well equipped to take the freight available. Based on our own data, coverage rates are up and the time a load spends on the marketplace keeps decreasing. In just minutes, get capacity for freight so that you can move onto the next project sooner than later.

This isn’t a confusing load board that requires a ton of effort from both the broker and carrier to properly get capacity and execute the load. By posting orders on the platform, carriers get an easy way to see freight, and all of the trip information that they see prior to taking an order is readily available so that they can choose the loads that work for them. Even better? There’s no need to communicate directly with carriers to get updates. Trip information, documents, and real-time updates are all facilitated through the platform.

What about pricing your freight during this quiet season? Find the best price through testing your rates on our marketplace model! When the carrier population outweighs the amount of freight available in the industry, it can be a good time to play with your price. It may not work for some carriers, but the surplus of available carriers can give you a greater chance of getting capacity at any price.

And what happens when peak season comes back around, and supply chains are back in action? Freight will be booming, and there’s probably going to be a capacity crunch. Have no fear! The DrayNow platform taps into a new source of capacity, with small owner operator companies making up the carrier base. This introduces a new set of truckers to intermodal as opposed to relying on traditional drayage carriers, taking away any limits on the number of carriers that can haul intermodal.

Peak season will be rounding the corner soon enough, so get set up with a platform that’s adaptable in any freight climate before your plate is completely full.

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