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Both DrayNow and CoreFund Capital offer flexibility in their primary services. That’s great news to carriers who want to work with both companies to get the best options for their business!

For starters, DrayNow offers flexibility in its app marketplace, where carriers can choose the best intermodal loads for their operation. Pricing is all-in, and carriers can pick up trips whenever they’d like and however many they can fit into their schedules. Since the app has all short, local loads, it’s easy to pick and choose the freight that works for you.

DrayNow also provides a direct pay option during the sign-up process. This means that the revenue from a load is paid out directly to their bank account within a week after completing it. And it’s completely free. On top of the all-in pricing seen on the platform, DrayNow does not take any fees out when carriers choose the direct pay option. Since we’re paying out several days after a trip is completed, there’s no need to go through the process of using a factoring company when running DrayNow loads.

On the other hand, if you have invoices from non-DrayNow loads that won’t be paid until 30 or 45 days from the day the job was done, but need the cash flow today, factoring is a great option. CoreFund is one of the few factoring companies that shapes their services, operations, and technology to fulfill their client’s needs. They are flexible and progressive in their approach to provide the absolute best service.

Some factoring companies require you to factor EVERY CUSTOMER you have, even the one’s that pay you on time or early! When you choose CoreFund as your factor, you’re in control of which customers’ invoices you factor. Flexibility isn’t the only perk of choosing CoreFund though, you can also expect Saturday funding, extending funding times, no long-term contracts, no minimums or hidden fees, full advance options, and more!

Choosing a funding option with no minimums or long-term contracts, a quick and easy qualifying process, and the freedom to choose which customers’ invoices to factor is setting yourself up for success. When you factor with our partner CoreFund Capital you are choosing transparency, experience, and superior customer service.

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