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As DrayNow has grown tremendously in 2019, so has our site’s blog content! From industry information and advice, to articles about the DrayNow platform, here are the 5 most popular blog posts of this year.



#1: Intermodal Drayage: How “Business as Usual” is Killing Productivity and Profit at IMCs

This article presents the current state of Intermodal Drayage, and how fragmentation and lack of technology is holding everyone back. From sourcing capacity, to getting updates on the trip, it’s obvious how difficult and time consuming these processes can be. There’s nothing to fear, however, because Intermodal freight marketplaces like DrayNow provide support for all of these processes all on one platform.


#2: A Spotlight on our Markets

As the definitive guide to where loads coming from the DrayNow app are available, this post explains the odds & ends of each market. After reading this article, you’d get to see the rails that most loads are coming out of, and the places you can go within the surrounding area to drop them off (or pick them up).

#3: The Layman’s Guide to the Drayman’s Language

A sequel to the much acclaimed DrayNow Cheat Sheet, this one was more of a deeper look into common industry terms, such as deadheads, bobtails, and lumpers. Reading this one could turn any novice into feeling like an industry veteran. An emphasis on the feeling, though, because Intermodal can be a tricky area for anyone to navigate.


#4: Factoring vs. Direct Pay: Getting paid timely & correctly

An important one, this alleviates the misconception that owner operators have to use a factoring company in order to haul from the DrayNow platform. During the signup process, you can set up direct pay so that any money made through trips can get paid out right into your bank account by the next week. While you can use a factoring company, for easy access to your hard earned income with no fee taken out, direct pay is the way to go.

#5: Interstate vs. Intrastate Authority: What You Need to Know

It’s all about the cargo. That’s the short answer to the difference between when you need interstate or intrastate authority. An active MC number (interstate authority) is required with intermodal, even if you are staying within the state from start to finish on your trip. This is because the cargo has crossed state lines. Anything that has originated in one state and is delivered to another area within that same state would be the only way intrastate authority applies.

Stay tuned for a whole new year's worth of blogs in 2020!

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