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It’s no secret that intermodal volumes, like every other trucking industry, took a downturn in response to the coronavirus pandemic. With months of lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus, of course people are going to be demanding less products, and in turn there’s less freight to move on the road.

While predicting the future of intermodal freight volumes wouldn’t be very wise amid such uncertainty, what we’re seeing now is that things seem to be on the upswing. As of the end of May, freight volumes on the rail were still lower than their last year numbers, but higher than the previous couple of weeks at the height of the crisis.

With intermodal volumes ticking back up, the DrayNow app has had consistent freight moves available to carriers. And the new trip types that were recently introduced to the app are being utilized more and more each week. That means a more diverse offering of freight to easily fit into your schedule.

Again, there’s no way to predict what track the country will be set on moving forward. As lockdowns everywhere begin to phase out, it appears that hot spots are forming around the country. If this keeps up, with different places around the country experiencing surges and drop-offs at different times, it’s probably safer to stay local. And with quarantines for out-of-state travelers coming into the mix again, staying in-state is also going to be a safer bet.

With an increase in freight through the DrayNow app, staying local is easier than ever! Local freight is available in Los Angeles, Chicago, North Jersey, Dallas, Atlanta, Memphis and Northern California. And it’s all originating from the rails in each of those markets.

If you’re brand new to DrayNow, simply download the app and from there you will be able to start the registration process. And if you’ve had an account and are ready to come back to the platform, welcome back! To regain access to your account, download the app and enter the email address attached to your account. From there, a Magic Link will be sent to your email that will give you access to the account.

Carriers are just a quick registration or reactivation away from getting on top of the freight available on our app. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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