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Looking to make extra money on the road, while also staying close to home so that you won’t miss celebrating the holidays? Enter DrayNow. Our app connects owner operators with their own interstate authority to local freight originating out of the rails, also known as intermodal freight transportation.

As opposed to over the road trucking, which could send truck drivers thousands of miles away from home at a time, intermodal keeps carriers local, and trips coming from the DrayNow platform typically run a 250-mile radius around each area of operation. And with markets in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, North Jersey, Memphis and Dallas, we’re hitting many of the main freight transportation hubs in the country.

Let’s say that you pick up an over the road trip from Chicago to Nashville for December 23rd, just two days away from Christmas. In perfect conditions, this could take a minimum of 7 and a half hours one way, and current FMCSA guidelines do not allow for truckers to drive more than 11 consecutive hours, or 14 hours on duty. You could not theoretically get to and from the drop-off location in Nashville without breaking these federal guidelines.

It’d also be wise to factor in the required 10 hours of off duty time in between hours of service, and any road hazards or weather conditions that might lengthen the time of the trip. The Midwest can be a mixed bag of weather this time of year, so you never know what to expect. All of these put together, and a driver may not be able to get home for the holidays in time.

On the other hand, with an intermodal trip taken from the DrayNow app, a carrier could be taking a trip on the same morning from Chicago to Peoria, that could take anywhere from 5-7 hours of pure driving round trip. This will keep you on the road making money all while being able to get home that night without having to stop anywhere. And with even shorter trips, you could even do multiple in one day! Just make sure that you don’t overbook yourself.

We know that the work a truck driver does can be grueling and time consuming, and that is why we’re here to get carriers the business that they need all while staying local. Being in close proximity to home is always important, especially during the holiday season, as it’s one of the few times of the year that everyone winds down to spend quality time with family and friends. And that should be no different for truck drivers.

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