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Are you interested in moving intermodal freight and expanding your owner operator business? Download the free DrayNow app from the App Store or Google Play store, or click the button below.

On the DrayNow app, it’s all up to the carrier in deciding how many or few power only loads they would like to take from the platform. With absolutely no forced dispatch, the app can really be utilized by users as either the focal point of their owner operator business, or as a way to diversify their options in the market to find local freight. No matter which way, it is always going to be an extra tool in the toolbox for their business.

One of the things that makes the app so dynamic is that there’s opportunity to pick up intermodal trucking trips that are available at any time. Carriers can request a load one morning and be on the run by that afternoon. It’s also possible for them to look ahead and plan for weeks in advance with the available runs on the platform. Not only is pricing dynamic, but so is trip availability.

With a variety of trips available on the platform, it’s also easy to use the load board for a variety of situations. There’s the option of choosing multiple orders from the marketplace and setting up a schedule to ensure that you will be busy for weeks to come. And for the loads that need to be taken in the coming days, carriers can utilize those runs to fill gaps in their schedules.

Putting together an entire schedule

In this scenario, a carrier is looking for a change in the way they operate their business and wants to go all in on utilizing the DrayNow platform. They’re in luck! This app is how to get intermodal loads. Upon checking the app, they can find plenty of drayage loads over the next few weeks and are able to book appointments left and right.

Looking for gaps to fill

Let’s say that a carrier is trying to make $1000 per day, and they have a couple runs lined up, but there are still areas of downtime during the week. Local loads available on the platform would be able to cover the time where they originally wouldn’t be doing anything. They’d be on their way to that $1000 goal in no time.

Check the app AND the appointment time

Before deciding to take a load, just remember to double check the date and appointment time of the trip, so that no one’s picking up anything they cannot haul. The appointment time is the time a carrier would need to get to the warehouse, and not the rail, so allow yourself the ample time needed to get to the rail in time, prior to reaching the warehouse.

The overall notion here is that it’s important to be constantly checking the app. There is freight popping up every day, so the next time you’re either planning a schedule or your schedule changed, pick up your phone and check the DrayNow app for the next opportunity.

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