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There’s a lot being written about the shortage of truck drivers in the U.S.  You’ve heard all the reasons: the driver population is aging, younger drivers don’t aspire to the lifestyle, ELDs and regulations are making it harder to make money, the long-term impact of autonomous trucks is creating uncertainty, and on and on.

Yes, there are plenty of valid reasons for a driver shortage. But there’s good news for drivers concerned about the financial wisdom of a long-haul OTR career: new technology is creating short-haul opportunities that put more money in drivers’ pockets, while letting them operate more efficiently and closer to home.

Armed with the free DrayNow Marketplace mobile app, short-haul truck drivers now have a big competitive advantage.

Using Short Hauls to Increase Take-Home Pay, Nights at Home, and Truck Lifespan.

Busting Some Myths

Short-haul trucking – and intermodal in particular – faces too many myths on the street today that cause truckers to be wary. We’ll take a look at a few and demonstrate why short-haul truckers using DrayNow actually take home more pay than their long-haul counterparts.

Myth 1: “I can’t haul local freight or intermodal and make money.” 

Wrong.  Just to show how wrong this is, we’ve conducted deep industry research and created the summary graphic below to dispel this flawed thinking. This is a proven model that considers variables such as fuel, truck maintenance, insurance and tractor costs and shows how drivers using DrayNow take home much more money. In addition to the financial benefits, these drivers are home every night of the week and the lifespan of their truck is significantly longer.

Myth 2: “There is no price transparency.”

Not true. With the DrayNow Marketplace, drivers can see what they will make for every load they haul. The DrayNow team has worked closely with carriers and its customers to remove the friction that has plagued this industry for too long. The Marketplace provides complete transparency and real-time information to all parties, while removing the waste that exists today in intermodal trucking.

Myth 3: “Time is money. I hear about delays in the yards and I don’t want to sit idle waiting for a load.”

Historically, there is some truth to this myth, but rail yards, and even ports, have gone to great lengths to improve efficiency for truckers picking up loads. Additionally, working with the DrayNow Marketplace, short-haul drivers have an ally on their team who works directly with the gate to ensure an efficient experience and help guide truckers to their pickup location in the yard.

By exploding these myths, DrayNow is getting real traction with both freight customers and carriers. As customers list more and more freight on the DrayNow Marketplace each month, we’re offering drivers the opportunity to tap into the financial benefits, freedom, flexibility, and efficiency they deserve.

In another blog post, we’ll explore some of the more operational myths about intermodal. But if you’re interested in learning more about how DrayNow can put more money in your pocket now, get in touch with us here. Or call us any time at (267) 433-5763.

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