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One of the most difficult parts of finding freight to haul is promoting your owner operator business. With there being around 350,000 owner operators in the United States, the competition is heavy. If you don’t market yourself or make connections, how are you going to have a business?

Carriers must put their name and reputation out there, but that can get pricey. These costs can include the expense of advertising your services, which is recommended to be 1% of your total revenue. Between fuel and other operating expenses, it’s tough to factor in yet another cost to affect your bottom line.

Also, don’t forget the time spent trying to get business. The manpower needed to network and set up new initiatives to promote your business can get draining. Why waste valuable time chasing the next opportunity when you could be making money on the road?

How do most owner operators get new business? Besides advertising and forging relationships with past clients, carriers can use load boards to find local freight. But that requires a ton of communication with different points of contact each time. Sometimes you never know who’s on the other end of these transactions, and if they’re legitimate or not.

Most load boards aren’t free, so factor that in as an expense as well. Some of the larger load boards may even have price tiers that require you to pay more to access different features and trips. Why would you pay for something that you have access to on other platforms? There is an alternative: enter DrayNow.

On the DrayNow app, all you have to do is download and sign up. You’ll then get access to all of the local freight in your area that’s on the platform. DrayNow is not a load board, where you still have to deal with separate contacts each time you pick up a load. We facilitate the relationship between the carrier and the freight that they are hauling. It’s free to use and available to owner operators with interstate authority who can haul intermodal containers.

In each market, everyone is seeing the exact same loads, so there’s no additional effort or cost on your end to pick something up from the platform. And no forced dispatch, so all of the power is in your hands to take what you’d like. Remember that 1% of revenue you should spend on advertising? You’ll be spending 0% with each load you take from the DrayNow app.

By using DrayNow, you can get new business and scale back on your advertising expenses. All local, free to use, and everyone sees the same loads. Imagine that! What are you waiting for?

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