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In these everchanging times, many businesses have had to revert to a strictly work-from-home policy to maintain social distancing measures.

The great news with DrayNow is that we can confidently and securely run the business remotely. As a technology company, everything we utilize in our physical office is also available to us anywhere we may be outside of work.

But how is the team doing with all of these changes? And more importantly, what is each individual person doing to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Best work practices/time management

The general consensus amongst team members is to get situated into your workspace ASAP. Andy, a DrayNow software engineer, even recommends doing the most work right when you start the day. “This means not only waking up early, but also trying my best to mindfully engage myself in my first task as soon as possible. I’ve found doing this sets the momentum for the rest of my day.”

It’s also good to stay organized with all of the tasks on your agenda and schedule more meetings than you usually would with people you’re directly working with, just to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Courtney, our controller, likes to reach out to her team multiple times a day to take care of issues as they happen to ensure nothing on the docket is left behind.


This is absolutely the biggest question when it comes to working from home. How are we all going to communicate with one another if there are extra steps involved? Nothing beats being in the same space, where a quick chair swivel can let you talk face-to-face with anyone on your team.

However, communication has been seamless over the past two weeks. From daily remote team meetings to company-wide video conferences, we’re communication all of the information needed plus getting that face-to-face interaction that’s good for both the business and each employee. We continue to use many of the tech tools that run our business, whether it’s Slack, Zoom, etc. to maintain communication during business hours.

Setting up a workspace

If you can, keeping your workspace separated from your personal space is an absolute necessity. Whether you’re set up in an entirely different room or just a few feet away from your bed, it’s important to have that dedicated space and different scenery to break up the monotony.

What have some members of the DrayNow team done for their setups? Most people are using the desk in their bedroom, but some have their own workstations set up with multiple monitors for extra efficiency. And there’s even room to think outside of the box like Artie, our recruitment & engagement specialist, who’s working from a drafting table!

Staying focused

To stay focused, it’s important to take periodic breaks. Liz, our operations quality leader, stays balanced by taking walks outside to stay balanced and break up the day. Also, having a pet to take outside certainly helps with this, and we’re sure that they don’t mind!

There’s also nothing better to keep you focused than doing everything you would do for a normal workday. Whether it’s dressing up, following your usual morning routine, taking a walk around the block on a fake commute, it’s essential to get into the same mindset that you would for a regular in-office workday.

Aside from a new, remote environment for the time being that everyone is acclimated to, it’s business as usual here at DrayNow. We’re committed to serving your freight and have the complete capability to do so no matter what the climate is like. Even though we’re remote, each individual within the company is able to come together and make it work.

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